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Available Now $189.95
Encompass™ Arrow Rest

The Encompass™ Arrow rest was developed to provide full arrow containment and provide a fail safe design for bow hunting.

  • Provides full arrow containment and is fully adjustble to shaft size. Fits .166 micro to 300 shaft size.
  • Fletching clearance for standard two inch vanes.
  • True fire™ technology allows you to let the bow down and retain arrow containment
  • Supports the arrow for 75% of the shot cycle to maximize accuracy.
  • Cable drive design and angle allows for less cable pressure allowing increased speed and reducing cable and string wear
  • Mount design allows the rest to sit behind the shelf providing true bow center adjustment
  • Failsafe design: Should the rest fail in any way the fletchings will open it with little to no effect on arrow flight
  • Built in brake eliminates bounce back
  • Fully adjustable and fully rebuildable.
  • 100% American made in the USA
  • 30 Day money back guarantee
  • Patent Pending